Genesis Partners with Sabian and Innovative Percussion, Inc in 2020

The 2019 season was amazing for our organization. It was clear in July at the DCI Southwestern Championship that our performers were aware of the great things they could accomplish together, and they made all of us aware of that as well!

This led to a solid end of the season where we saw that the corps would constantly grow through DCI World Championships  After 10 years, we continue to find ourselves surrounded by people from all ages and walks of life who want to be part of our mission to provide life-enriching experiences to our youth through the marching arts. As we look ahead to the next 10 years, we will continue to focus on Education Through Performance. 

  • The next 10 years have already begun for us. We have made significant strides forward since the 2019 season has ended.
  • New technologies have been implemented at camps
  • We have expanded our Board of Directors.
  • We are excitedly entering a new era of leadership with Francesca Ramirez on the podium leading our conducting team and drum corps.
  • The full creative team has returned for our 2020 production.
  • Two alumni, John Filippone and Micah Gause, worked tirelessly to unveil the new Genesis DBC website this past October.
  • Charles Aguillon, with all his knowledge and experience, joined our team as Director of Education.
  • We have launched the new Legacy of the Podium Clinic, which will occur annually at our FENIXperience camps.

There is so much that is happening to make the upcoming summer tour amazing for everyone in the Fenix Family and beyond! As we step into the 1st days of 2020, it is beyond exciting to announce that Genesis Drum & Bugle Corps is proud to be working exclusively with Sabian and Innovative Percussion, Inc (IP)! 

“It’s an incredible opportunity for Genesis to work with these companies. Over many, many years, the constant line heard from our peers has simply been, “They are great people to work with.” After the conversations we’ve had, I have no doubt. And now I am just that much more excited about what the next 10 years are going to bring for our young people!”

-Danny Sanchez, Board Chairman

Recognized as a leader in the percussion world, IP is sought after by marching arts ensembles, professional touring ensembles, classical percussionists, Drumset Artists, and professional educators all around the world. IP is championed by entities with a burning passion for percussion and education, and Genesis Drum & Bugle Corps is thrilled to be a part of the Innovative Percussion Family.

Sabian is a historic brand. The instruments they create are second to none. The palette, the range, the consistency, and the creativity that Sabian inspires is recognized globally. When we look back to those moments that are keystones in our musical lives, and in our artistic expression, it is inevitable that those moments were created with Sabian instruments. Genesis Drum & Bugle Corps is proud to be a part the Sabian Family.