Welcome to The FENIXperience powered by FloMarching. When looking at the 2021 season, amid the current health issues facing our students, we set out with one goal, to bring our annual in-person FENIXperience to the virtual world while trying to provide the same opportunities that our in-person camps provide. The FENIXperience is a 1st of its kind experience and audition platform that will give you, the student, the ability to learn, interact and share audition materials with our World Class staff right from your own location and device and enjoy all of the content and exciting offerings from our partners at FloMarching.  

A brand new format for joining the Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps FENIXperience is coming to FloMarching—and it’s easier than ever to join.

What is The FENIXperience?

No travel costs.

No camp fees.

No hidden fees.

No public showers.

PB&J made your way from your own kitchen!

Tutorials and personal guidance from the Genesis educational team through the entire educational and audition journey. 

Full access to all Genesis instructional staff and performer support systems. 

Inside access to all Genesis news regarding 2021. 

Access to FloMarching live events, on-demand content, and more for the duration of your subscription.

Audition for all Genesis educational programs in 2021.

Step-by-step video educational and audition instruction with access to the entire Genesis content library.

We are so excited to bring this opportunity to students all over the country. We look forward to meeting and sharing the Genesis program with you. Welcome to The FENIXperience!  Click here to go to The FENIXperience REGISTRATION