OPEN FENIXperience AUDITIONS for the 2021 Season!

Genesis is excited to announce that from March 1st – May 1st of 2021, Genesis will be holding open auditions for all Brass sections and Colorguard Sections.

While we continue to manage this unique off season, we have gotten a tremendous amount of requests to audition for our program, after our initial audition process was closed. Because of our desire to serve more students, the open positions on our team and our commitment to making the audition process as easy and exciting as possible, we will be transitioning all of our virtual FENIXperience content to a new platform and opening our audition process back up through the month of May, or until our entire team is filled.

The audition fee is $80 and this covers all materials, your access to our online lessons platform, engagement with our staff and access to our current Performers Council to guide you every step of the way.

If you are a Brass or Colorguard performer you can register to audition for our program using our online registration process.

Curious as to what Genesis is up to in 2021? You can find the basics of our current summer plan here.

Want more info on auditioning for our program or the current plans for our unique summer experience? You can email our teams at anytime at: