Mail Drops

2020 mail drop information coming soon!

Mailing Instructions
What to do

Please do not send packages to mail drop more than 10 days in advance. Packages that
are delivered more than 10 days prior may be lost or returned. Genesis and the USPS are not to be held responsible for packages lost or returned.

Item Details
What to send

A few examples are: non-perishable snacks like poptarts and snack mix, cards, letters, extra socks and t-shirts, etc Please refrain from sending large packages, unhealthy items, perishable items, breakable items. A good size reference is a shoe box.

Mail Drops FAQ

What if my package doesn’t arrive in time?

When we pick up packages from the post office, we ask that any packages arriving after we depart be returned to sender. Please contact the post office if you would like information specific to your package.

How do I know that my performer received their package?

We encourage you to communicate with your performer on this. When mail is delivered, we are diligent about reminding them to contact whoever sent the package to say “thank you!”

When will you add information for addresses listed TBD?

We will add the information as soon as we know the best possible post office for our location. Housing site information changes sometimes and we want to make sure your packages are going exactly where we are.

It’s the cut-off date to receive packages and my performer doesn’t have theirs yet.

There are a number of reasons this could happen. If we are only going to be in a city for a short amount of time, we will schedule the cut-off date earlier so all of the packages have time to arrive. Sometimes, we are in a place for a longer amount of time and logistical issues caused us to have to wait a day to pick packages up. We ask for your patience and assure you that we are just as excited as you are to deliver the packages to each performer.