The cost of marching a season of drum corps will vary from season to season, but below you will find traditional costs associated with a season. For specific tuition costs, please refer to your member contract.


This amount covers the cost of all winter/spring rehearsal camps, meals (except free blocks), >12,000 miles of travel, instructional time and much more. The tuition amount varies due to the changing show design demands, tour schedules, necessary uniform undergarments, etc. Please see your member contract for specific tuition amounts for the upcoming season.

Fenix Gear

This amount covers the cost of required Genesis branded garments, shoes, gloves, and accessories.

Equipment Fee

The equipment fee covers the cost of replacing and maintaining equipment provided by the drum corps from year to year for all sections.


Performers are given time wash their laundry independently (every 8-12 days) and free days (days off). This is at the performer’s expense. On free days, we drop students off in a well-populated area, typically a mall or shopping center of some sort, to relax and rejuvenate with their fellow performers. Examples of things performers may do on free days are: see a movie, browse them mall, replace items at WalMart, have a special meal, etc.


Vet Discount

This discount is applied if you are a vet (returning member) of Genesis DBC.

Early Pay Discount

This discount is applied if you pay your tuition in full by a date specified in your member contract.

Financial FAQ

Are there scholarships available?

Sponsorship and fundraising opportunities are available once a student is contracted. ​We have a membership assistance program in which members utilize Genesis printed materials to approach businesses, family members, and friends to help sponsor them for the summer. More information will be given at later camps.

If my membership is terminated by myself or a staff member, do I get a refund?

Refunds are given according to the terms in your member contract. If a membership is terminated for breaking a term of the contract, then no refunds will be given.