When does the summer tour happen?

The Genesis tour is approximately 2 1/2 months long (including spring training). Move-ins begin around June 1st and will continue through approx. mid-August.

What do my fees go to?

Your fees pay for all items necessary for your membership including instruments, housing, meals, transportation, insurance, uniforms and costumes and general operational costs.

I’m a parent. Can I come on tour?

We would love for you to come on tour as a volunteer. Having parents on the road is a good way for our performers to feel a little less homesick. Even a couple of days can make a difference. For more information, visit our volunteer page.

What happens if my child gets sick while on tour?

We typically have a nurse on staff that is on the road with us. When they are not on the road, we consult by phone/video on what the best treatment plan is. The typical course of action for us is to take the performer to either an urgent care facility or an emergency room. It depends on what is available to us in the area we are in.

I’m traveling to a camp from another city by bus/airplane. Where should I arrive?

By Air:
FENIXperience I: Austin-Bergstrom International
FENIXperience II: San Antonio International

By Bus:

FENIXperience I
916 E Koenig Ln
Austin, TX 78751

1500 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, TX 78701

FENIXperience II
500 N Saint Marys St
San Antonio, TX 78205

Email [email protected] by the Tuesday prior to camp with all travel itineraries in order or your transportation to be accommodated. Shuttles are provided and typically run at noon, 2 PM, and 4 PM.

Shuttles are not provided for satellite auditions/clinics.

How many audition camps do I need to attend?

It depends on which section you are auditioning for. Every auditioning student is required to attend one in-person audition event to qualify for a contract or a call-back. If you receive a call-back, you must attend the next audition event until the staff has decided on whether to offer you a contract.

If you are a brass or percussion member and are contracted, you will be expected to attend every camp starting with the Dec. camp. Guard members are required to attend one audition event and the December Call Back Camp if invited. The caption head will determine which of the next camps you will need to attend if you are called back.

Where can I find the audition music?

Only paid registrants will receive the audition music via email.

What do I need to bring for camps?

A more accurate list will be sent to paid registrants, but here is a basic list of items for camps:
•  Sleeping gear such as sleeping bag, pillow, twin size camping mat, etc.
•  Equipment (flags/weapons, horns, drums, sticks, etc)
•  1-gallon water jug
• Towel
•  Sun Screen / DCT
•  Baseball cap
•  Tennis Shoes
•  Loose Athletic clothing
•  Shower supplies (Shower shoes, toiletries, etc.)

How early should I arrive at camp?

You should arrive no earlier than 4:30 PM on the day of auditions, but we typically don’t start registration until around 6:00 PM.

What is camp like?

The camp schedule skeleton looks like this:

Satellite Audition Clinics Typical Schedule:

9 AM – 12 PM – Clinic Block
12 PM – 1 PM Lunch (provided)
1 PM – 4 PM – Clinic Block and Auditions

FENIXperience and Weekend Rehearsals
(overnight camps)

Friday:  Check-in – 5 PM – 6 PM
6 PM – 10 PM – Clinic/Rehearsal Block

Saturday 8 AM – 10 PM

Sunday 8 AM – 2 PM

Can I bring my car to camp?

Absolutely! However, once you are at camp, leaving campus is strictly prohibited unless you have communicated a conflict or emergency to your caption and the administrative staff.

What if I have special allergies- food or otherwise?

Please communicate this information by emailing [email protected] as soon as possible.

Is there a separate per camp fee?

The only “per camp fee” is for auditions. If you are contracted, the cost of camps for the rest of the season is built into the tuition cost.

I didn’t register in advance. Can I still audition?

Yes. You can register and pay at the door. We strongly recommend that you register in advance, though, so you can get access to audition materials to adequately prepare.

Can my parents stay at camp?

We would love to host your parents as volunteers for the weekend. We highly recommend that parents volunteer to develop a greater understanding of the activity and our organization’s values and procedures. All parents wishing to volunteer must undergo a background check. Visit our volunteer page for more details.

I don’t want to audition this season, but I’m curious. What are my options?

Our FENIXperience camps are designed to be just that- experiences. It is not required that you accept a contract.

What should I play for the playing portion of the audition?

You should pick something that best represents how you play. It should highlight your strengths as a player. Your piece can be any style of your choosing. The playing audition, while important, is not the only deciding factor in the audition process. We are looking for performers who can apply information quickly, can move and play well, and are willing to work hard for a spot.

Should I bring a horn to the audition camps?

YES. If you have the ability, please bring a horn. The corps does not own enough equipment for everyone who comes to audition.

I am a mellophone auditionee, but I do not have access to an F mellophone. Is this a problem?

No. Not for the initial audition. Also, you may perform your playing audition on a concert French Horn.

I am a non-brass player, can I do my playing audition on a non-brass instrument?

Yes, but we will need to hear you on a brass instrument.

I am a baritone player, but I do not read bass clef. Is that a problem?

No. We will have treble clef parts. But it is highly advisable to learn bass clef for a successful season.