Volunteer Opportunities on Tour

Kitchen Crew

Our Mobile Kitchen (The Fenix Nest) runs smoothly with volunteers like you!  No experience necessary. We need volunteers for our weekend camps, training camp, as well as our National Tour.  Our Mobile Kitchen prepares and cooks 800 meals per day for our very hungry members and staff. Please take a look and sign up for our available options at: https://genesisdbc.formstack.com/forms/volunteer_info_form

Please contact Analisa at [email protected] with any questions.

Truck Driving

Driving is a critical part of supporting the Mandarins.  Our trucks, trailers and other support vehicles carry all of the members’ performance equipment, show prop’s, as well as food supplies and cooking equipment. The best thing is that they do NOT require a class A or CDL to drive, it is essentially driving a truck with a large RV.  Veteran drivers will give you an orientation to the pleasures of driving.  Our goal is to have you paired with another volunteer driver, and you will usually be in a convoy of support vehicles. A valid driver’s license for the type of equipment you are trained on is all that is required.

If you are interested in sharing the adventure with your performer, or just looking for some adventure of your own, contact our team at [email protected]

Sewing Crew

Sewing Crew volunteers would help with uniform measurements, fittings and alterations during the weekend camps. On tour, the seamstress would travel with the volunteer crew and handle uniform alterations, repairs and maintenance on a daily basis.  Additionally, a sewing crew person is needed for each week of the nationwide tour.

General Questions/Answers About Volunteering on Tour

  1. Packing
    See the “Packing Information” section at the end. Generally, pack enough clothes for the week. If
    staying longer than a week, there should be a laundry day opportunity. A rolling duffle (27″) or
    medium suitcase and a carry on is typical.
  2. Laundry
    There are periodic laundry days for the members. Volunteers can also go over to a laundromat the
    same day. Also, volunteers may be able to run out to a local Laundromat at their option if time
    permits. Lastly, some schools have a laundry available. Feel free to ask the tour director if one is
    available. The food truck has laundry detergent.
  3. Sleeping
    Volunteers will have separate sleeping areas from Corps members and staff.  Specific areas will be assigned by Tour Staff so that they can get the rest they need.
  4. Showering
    Volunteers use the same school showers as the rest of the corps (staff shower spaces if available). Adult shower schedules will be during Performer rehearsal times or after Performer lights out.
  5. Eating
    The volunteers eat the same food as the members. We ask that volunteers wait until the members
    go through the line to eat. The food crew will try very hard to ensure portion control for members
    so everyone can eat but there are rare cases where the food runs out. Food crew can always pull out left-over’s or make up extra food to feed volunteers, or worse case they can swing by fast food. Members have no other options so let’s make sure they eat.
  1. Transportation In/Out
    Please make sure that you send your flight info to [email protected] so we can make sure
    you are on the pickup/drop off list. Scheduling airport runs is very challenging so please bear with
    the tour director.
  2. If traveling in your own vehicle. This is always a good option and the corps will attempt to accommodate your vehicle and travel needs as part of the caravan.
  3. Arriving
    If you arrive at the show site, go to the parking area to find the Corps vehicles.  Hopefully you get
    there before they head into the show. You should get the food lead or tour director phone
    information before you head out for tour.
  4. Issues
    This last one is mainly about how to handle any issues you encounter. Things will not always go
    perfectly so in the event an issue arises please be patient and hopefully the tour director or food
    lead can help resolve the issue.  There may also be members or other volunteers that come to you
    with issues. If you can help them without interfering with the other tasks that is fine, if not then
    refer them to the tour director or staff. Remember it is a tense time for everyone, tight working
    quarters and long hours. It can really be a great experience if you keep an open mind and embrace
    the journey.

Packing Information

What to pack for Tour?
  • Working clothes for the week plus some extras just in case (especially food crew)
  • A change of shoes in case yours get wet or you need a feetsy break (like sandals)
  • Laundry sheet(s)- like the ones the kids bring, has detergent and can be thrown in dryer
  • Toiletries
  • Shower Towel and shower sandals (it’s a school gym so…)
  • Air Mattress and pump (we will usually have spare ones but maybe check first)
  • Bedding (Pillow, sheet set, light blanket, it can get cold in some school areas)
  • Light jacket (even though it is summer, storms can crop up)
  • Hat, sunscreen, Chapstick (it is summer and can be very sunny in places)
  • Nicer clothes (shirts/long pants – if you want) for the big shows
  • Small extension cord (helps if the charge outlet is not near you when sleeping)
  • A few cheap store pants hangers (great for hanging a towel or wet shirt to dry)
  • Small flashlight (for schools when hard to find lights or bathroom trips)
  • Gold Bond powder or Glide
  • Earplugs (for RV ride, kids up late practicing in hallways)

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